Video of San Diego Police Dog Biting Man in Handcuffs

Video of San Diego Police Dog Biting Man in Handcuffs

While most dogs are cute and cuddly buddies, that is not the case for working dogs. Canine units in the military and police force are trained to do their job with dangerous efficiency, helping to provide order and assistance to officers in need. While most are aware of the duty of police dogs, a recent video has some people up in arms about the treatment of an arrested individual in San Diego.

Video of San Diego Police Dog Biting Arrested Man

A video recently surfaced on Facebook that has some citizens concerned. In the video, as detailed in a San Diego Union Tribune article, a man in handcuffs is on the ground face down with a police dog firmly gripping onto his arm. While that in of itself would make for an unpleasant sight, the video continues to show the dog grasping the man’s arm for a good thirty seconds. The whole time, the man can be heard shouting in pain, occasionally shouting out “Uncomfortable!” On first viewing, this seems to be the use of excessive force by the officers, however on further inspection that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Why the Police Dog Bit the Man and Held On

The job of the police dog in this capacity is to protect the officer and de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation. Stories and additional footage of the man who was arrested show that he was an aggressive malcontent, trying to get in fights with passerbys and jumping on cars.

When several people had requested the police to intervene, they arrived at the scene and approached the man. He immediately beelined toward the officers in a menacing fashion, threatening to fight them. The officer responded by telling the man that he needed to stop or he would release the dog. When he did not stop, the dog was released and immediately pacified the situation.

How Police Dogs are Trained to Bite

Most did not have an issue with the dog biting the man. As was stated above, he was disorderly and causing a nuisance. What many had trouble with is how long the dog continued to hold onto the man's arm when he was clearly in cuffs and face down on the ground.

What most people don’t know is that this is how police dogs are trained to bite. Police dogs are taught to bite and hold, with the primary purpose being to protect the person getting bit. If they didn’t bite and hold, they would continue chomping down, causing considerable pain to the individual and injuring them further. Once the dog has bit down, they are taught to ignore verbal commands and only stop when pressure is applied to the dog’s jaw. This is to ensure the officer is always in control and also decreases the possibility of a second bite. So while it looks excessive and graphic in the video, the officer is acting entirely in line with a protocol meant to protect the arrestee.

What if I am a Dog Bite Victim? What are Dog Bite Victim Rights?

If you are bitten by a police dog, there is little you can do. Unless you were completely in the right, with the power of the law behind them police dogs are not subject to the same dog bite laws as civilian dogs. However, if you are bitten by a dog and are looking for compensation, contact a dog bite lawyer to get the help you deserve.

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