Can You Sue If You Get Bit by a Dog in California?

Can You Sue If You Get Bit by a Dog in California?

Most people love dogs. I mean, you don’t get the nickname “Man’s Best Friend” if you are not adored and trusted by the majority of the population. However, sometimes a dog can misbehave, be it because they are sick, excited or scared, and bite a poor passerby. Dog bites can be severe and serious injuries, resulting in large medical bills and time away from work. You shouldn’t have to pay for all of these expenses, so if you suffer a dog bite in California, can you sue the owner of the dog for damages?

Are Dog Owners Liable for Dog Bites in California?

According to California law, a dog owner is liable for the dog anytime it bites somebody. In this case, liability means you need to pay for any costs associated with bite, including injuries that occurred as a result of the dog bite. Some other expenses that may occur are medical expenses and lost wages. It doesn't matter the history of the dog or the owner, the owner will be responsible in most cases. One prominent exception is if the dog is provoked, either by hitting or hurting the dog. If provoked, the owner is not liable for damages and could not be sued.

What if the Dog Bite Occurred on Private Property?

If the dog bite occurred on private property, the owner of the dog is still liable if the victim had a legal and lawful reason for being there. For example, if a mailman or package delivery person gets bit on private property, the owner is still liable. However, if the victim is trespassing on private property and gets bit by a dog, the owner is not liable.

Are There Exceptions to These Dog Bite Liability Rules?

In most cases, dog bite liability is pretty cut and dry. However, there are a few exceptions to the rules outlined above. If you are bitten by a particularly malicious dog while trespassing on private property, you can sue the owner for negligent handling of the dog. It is the obligation of the owner to properly handle the dog, but if they neglected dog, didn’t properly care for it or trained the dog to viciously attack anyone who enters the property, the owner may be found liable and can be sued.

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