When Do I Need a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

When You Need a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Claim

Recovering from a physical injury can be painful, and unfortunately, the physical aspect is only the beginning. After a car accident or a dangerous fall, you can face mountains of medical bills, as well as the stress of lost income, because you cannot work. Depending on your situation, you likely have a variety of representatives from insurance companies, healthcare providers, and law enforcement agencies who need information from you, and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Many people in this situation are completely new to the process, and they aren’t sure how best to manage the dramatic impact their injuries have on their day-to-day life. If you are going through this experience, it might be time to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. These are three questions to consider when deciding whether to bring in a professional.

Are You Seriously Injured?

If you were involved in a minor accident and you don’t have to miss much time from work, you may be able to manage the process on your own—assuming you have time to spare for paperwork. However, if the situation is serious and you face months of rehabilitation, hiring an attorney is a wise decision. These specialized professionals can evaluate the full impact of your injuries, ensuring that your claim takes all aspects of the situation into consideration. More importantly, they handle the paperwork and communication with insurance companies, bill collectors, and law enforcement, leaving you free to focus on your recovery.

Did Another Person Cause Your Injury?

Even if you were injured in an event that was clearly an accident, the accident might have been caused by another person’s negligence. For example, distracted driving often has catastrophic results, even though the driver did not intend to hurt anyone. If you believe that another person’s negligence caused your injury, it is smart to get an experienced personal injury lawyer involved. Meeting the legal standards required to prove another person was at fault for your injury is a complicated undertaking, and you need a specialist to gather all of the facts and present your case clearly.

Are You Having Trouble Working with Insurance Companies on Your Own?

Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit, which means the less they pay you in compensation for your injuries, the better their bottom line looks. Even the most reputable insurance companies have been known to make extremely low initial offers, assuming they don’t deny your claim altogether. At the first sign of trouble with an insurance company, you should hire a lawyer to represent you. Otherwise, it is far too easy for insurance companies to delay payment and make the process difficult until you are forced to settle for a minimal amount due to financial necessity.

Personal injury law specialists at Bates Law in San Diego

Specialized personal injury lawyers are familiar with the legal system, and they have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies, law enforcement, and other attorneys. When you are working to recover from a serious injury, taking time out to manage the claims process on your own can be difficult. Protect your health—and your financial future—by leaving the legal issues in the hands of your personal injury lawyer. The specialists at Bates Law have the experience and expertise to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

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